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Air Distribution in Secure Environments

6 Essential Designing and Ordering Tips

May 2, 2024

As the industry's leading manufacturer of risk-resistant HVAC products, KEES offers the most comprehensive line of security grilles, diffusers, and grates. With extensive experience across a wide range of low-, medium-, and high-risk applications, we are uniquely positioned to meet your security needs. Here are six key tips from our experts to consider before selecting security air distribution products:

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New Product Finishes Brochure

New Product Finishes Brochure Available


February 6, 2024

We've given our product finishes brochure a makeover to showcase our diverse range of painted, polished, anodized, and oxidized finishes.

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New Hompage Unveiled

New Homepage Unveiled


January 19, 2024

KEES is thrilled to unveil our newly designed homepage, reflecting our commitment to outstanding design, efficiency, and customer service.

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2023 KEES Year in Review

2023 KEES Year In Review

A Letter From President/CEO Bob Norman

December 13, 2023

kees-news case-studies air-handling-units-fans drop-box-diffuser architectural-bar-grilles
The past year was filled with exciting developments and achievements. We distributed a comprehensive sales kit, we released an efficient six-sided drop box diffuser and our design/layout team moved into a new office space. That's just the beginning...

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Tap Into Engineering Expertise


November 30, 2023

We know your schedule can be pretty hectic, filled with phone calls, meetings, administrative tasks and travel. KEES is committed to making your work easier by providing exceptional customer service through its team of sales engineers.

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Five Pressure Relief Door Facts

Performing Under Pressure


September 27, 2023

Learn about some key things to consider when selecting a pressure relief door.

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Pipe Portals

Protect Rooftop Penetrations With Pipe Portals

KEES Offers Pipe Portal Solutions For Any Combination Of Pipe Sizes And Quantities

August 30, 2023

case-studies roof-weather-hoods
From Texas Tech University to numerous 7-Eleven stores, companies and institutions throughout the country rely on KEES to protect rooftop openings. KEES pipe portals protect rooftop piping and electrical conduit penetrations with an insulated, leakproof enclosure that is customizable for every pipe size and application.

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Behavioral Health Products

KEES Partners With Behavioral Health Facilities

Our risk-resistant product line meets your safety requirements

June 7, 2023

security-grds-grates case-studies
In behavioral health facilities, every product must be designed to ensure the protection, comfort and well-being of patients. For more than 40 years, KEES Inc. has provided durable risk- and tamper-resistant air-distribution products for patient rooms, doctor offices, bathrooms and reception areas in health facilities nationwide.

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Six-Sided Drop Box Diffuser

Introducing The KEES Six-Sided Drop Box Diffuser

Even air distribution for large open spaces

April 24, 2023

If you are looking for an air-distribution solution for large, open building spaces, look no further. The new KEES six-sided drop box diffuser provides efficient, even air distribution and consistent temperatures for big-box retail stores, production facilities, distribution centers, sports arenas and other large structures.

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New KEES Product Brochures

Introducing The New KEES Product Brochures

16 product lines – countless hvac solutions

November 17, 2022

Did you know that KEES manufactures hundreds of products, organized within sixteen product lines? Detailed product information, examples of completed projects, and a list of related products are presented in a streamlined format which will help you navigate our immense offering.

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2021 KEES Year in Review

2021 KEES Year In Review

A letter from president/ceo Bob Norman

December 13, 2021

kees-news security-grds-grates
As I reflect back on 2021, there’s much to acknowledge and celebrate. And it begins and ends with you – our customers and partners. Your continued support has meant a lot to our team, and the trust that so many of you place in us drives us forward.

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One-Stop Shop For Passageway Products

One-Stop Shop For Passageway Products

Protect at-risk individuals with anti-ligature ventilation solutions

November 15, 2021

KEES now provides the widest selection of passageway grilles and diffusers to meet the diverse needs of behavioral health and correctional facilities. Reduce self-harm risk with V, Z and W passageway solutions.

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Industrial Hoods For Every Application

Industrial Hoods For Every Application

High-quality exhaust ventilation for every application

October 20, 2021

industrial-ventilation case-studies
Forty years ago, KEES founder Edward Zieve said, “If you can draw it, we can build it.” To this day, KEES craftspeople deliver on that promise by building industrial hoods for an extensive range of industrial, commercial, medical, research and development and school applications.

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KEES Teams Up With Nike

KEES Teams Up With Nike

Striking linear bar grilles created for nike world headquarters

September 13, 2021

case-studies architectural-bar-grilles
When a global athletic-wear icon needed an impressive architectural design element with functional capabilities, KEES stepped into the lineup ready to play.

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"Z" Passageway Grilles & Diffusers

New "Z" Passageway Grilles And Diffusers

August 20, 2021

KEES is excited to announce our new “Z” passageway grilles and diffusers. These products provide additional security and risk resistance for behavioral health and correctional facilities. The more complex passageways created by the “Z” shaped louvers reduce the risk of occupants looping material around or through the openings of the grille or diffuser.

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New Fiber Laser Offers Added Customer Benefits

Plant Upgrade Sneak Peek

New fiber laser offers added customer benefits

July 16, 2021

At KEES, we believe in continuous improvement. Good enough is simply not good enough. Our latest manufacturing improvement involves the installation of a new fiber laser machine.

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Five Tips For Industrial Hoods

5 Tips To Get The Industrial Hood You Need

June 25, 2021

There’s a lot to consider when you are choosing an industrial hood for a specific application. David Berres, KEES engineer and industrial hood expert, shares five tips to ensure you get just what you need.

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Five Tips For Drop Boxes

5 Tips To Get The Drop Box You Need

May 21, 2021

As you might imagine, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right product. Laura Self, KEES engineer and drop box expert, shares five tips to ensure you get just what you need.

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Acadia Healthcare Security Access Panels

KEES Manufactures Security Access Panels For Acadia Healthcare

Create the safe and secure environment you need

April 16, 2021

case-studies access-doors-panels
Even before COVID-19, the prevalence of mental illness was increasing. In response to this alarming trend, behavioral health facilities are being built or renovated to provide the care that’s needed. One company leading the way is Acadia Healthcare, a large provider of behavioral healthcare services with 21,000 employees across 40 states.

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Five Unexpected Places For Security Products

5 Unexpected Places To Find Security Products And Tips For Each

March 16, 2021

Security grilles and grates aren’t just for jails and behavioral health facilities. Can you list five other places they are used? Mike Stenz, KEES Sales Engineer and security expert, shares some product locations you might not expect and tips to consider when choosing the right grille or grate.

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Risk-Resistant Retrofit Grille

New Risk Resistant Retrofit Grille

February 11, 2021

Hospitals and behavioral health facilities are increasingly concerned with suicide prevention. Internal reviews and external audits often reveal outdated grilles and diffusers that are not ligature (tie off) resistant. Our new risk resistant retrofit grilles fit over the existing grilles or diffusers and provide immediate protection.

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Complete Ventilation Solutions

Complete Ventilation Solutions

Get a fresh start in the year ahead

January 7, 2021

air-handling-units-fans kitchen-hoods industrial-ventilation
There’s no doubt everyone is looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. But did you know indoor air quality can be 5X dirtier than outside air? Proper ventilation is a must, especially with COVID concerns and recommendations for increasing the amount of fresh air. With turnkey ventilation solutions, KEES can help you breathe easier

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Amazon Drop Box Diffusers

KEES Delivers Fresh Air To Amazon Distribution Centers

Expedited drop box diffusers meet every design requirement

December 16, 2020

case-studies drop-box-diffuser
Today more than ever, consumers rely on Amazon for holiday gift giving. With distribution centers operating at peak capacity, and seasonal workers lending a hand, indoor air quality and proper air distribution are top of mind for the world’s largest online store. As its distribution network expands, KEES is helping Amazon provide healthier, fresher indoor workplaces for its employees.

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Pfizer Stainless Steel Registers

KEES Manufactures Stainless Steel Registers For Pfizer

Quality craftsmanship protects your investment

September 29, 2020

case-studies stainless-steel-grds
Pfizer needed a lot, and fast. The schedule required two-hundred and nineteen (219) custom-sized perforated return air registers with fifty of them needed in ten business days. All of them had to be made from type 316 stainless steel to ensure their clean rooms met strict research and development requirements and could remain pristine for the life of the facility.

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Industrial Hoods For The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Center Of The Arts

KEES Manufactures Industrial Hoods For University Of Wisconsin Center Of The Arts

Design the perfect hood to capture your needs

August 27, 2020

case-studies industrial-ventilation
“Hands on” learning is a crucial aspect for the success of schools. The more real life, tactile examples, the better. Fortunately, the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater found that KEES could be their single source for a myriad of industrial hoods that were needed for their Greenhill Center of the Arts, the largest academic building on a campus of 12,000 students.

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New KEES Corporate Brochure

Introducing The New KEES Corporate Brochure

Get to know us on a deeper level — you may be surprised at what you discover

July 17, 2020

Whether you are new to KEES, or have been working with us for decades, we promise our new brochure offers something for everyone.

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Air Mixers & Roof Hoods Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air Mixers & Roof Hoods Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Choose KEES for our industry-leading expertise and product quality

June 26, 2020

air-mixers roof-weather-hoods
According to new ASHRAE COVID-19 building readiness/reopening guidelines, one of the best ways to create a healthier indoor environment is to bring in more outdoor air. The increase in fresh air helps to dilute recirculated air and create a cleaner space where we can all breathe easier. This change in ventilation rates can have side effects, though. Don’t worry — KEES has solutions.

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KEES Make-Up Air Unites Help Meet New ASHRAE Covid-19 Guidelines

KEES Make-Up Air Units Help Meet New ASHRAE Covid-19 Guidelines

Industry expertise, high-performing products and quality construction make KEES the right partner

May 28, 2020

case-studies air-handling-units-fans
KEES make-up air units help to meet ASHRAE’s general recommendations for commercial buildings. Three specific areas have heightened awareness and sensitivity during this pandemic, and we offer a solution for each area.

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New York Office Of Mental Health Security Diffusers

KEES Manufactures Security Linear Diffusers For New York Office Of Mental Health

Customized diffusers ensure safe and comfortable environment

February 25, 2020

case-studies security-grds-grates
Are you helping to build a safer and more comfortable environment? At KEES, we’ve been doing this for 40+ years and we take this responsibility seriously. It’s one reason the New York Office of Mental Health (OMH) selected us to manufacture 900 security linear diffusers to upgrade their psychiatric facilities, including the Manhattan location in New York City.

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KEES Delivers Custom Grilles To Residence Inn Hotel

KEES Delivers Custom Grilles To Residence Inn Hotel In Calgary

Form meets function in this stylish new hotel

February 25, 2020

case-studies architectural-bar-grilles
How does an HVAC metal bender help make you look like a hero? Just ask sales representative and longtime industry veteran Scott Stone, of Air Chek Industries, “I’ve been doing this for 21 years and there’s nobody else in the market who could’ve built these grilles, other than KEES, I promise you that.”

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Yale University School Of Management Bar Grilles

KEES Makes Custom Bar Grilles For School Of Management At Yale University

Grille curvature showcases ultimate flexibility

August 13, 2019

case-studies architectural-bar-grilles
We know your reputation is on the line each time you pick a manufacturing partner. When the renowned UK based architectural firm of Foster & Partners needed custom linear bar grilles for Yale University’s new School of Management (Edward P. Evans Hall), KEES helped to make their vision a reality.

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All-Access Pass To Access Doors

Consider This Your All-Access Pass To All Access Doors

Discover the full range of KEES access doors and panels

March 19, 2019

From standard products to specialized applications, including pressure relief doors, security access panels, kitchen duct access doors, and fire-rated products, nobody offers greater access to the access doors and panels you need every day.

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A Sales Reps Best Friend

The Only Thing Better Than Working With KEES Is Working At KEES

Four questions with sales engineer Steve Tanski

October 3, 2018

Six years ago, Steve Tanski saw a classified ad in an engineering trade publication. Shortly thereafter, he left his position as a construction industry rep in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved his family to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, to work as a Sales Engineer at KEES. He says it’s the best move he’s ever made.

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Triangular Grille

A Grille So Big, It Won't Fit On The Internet.

At seven-feet tall & fourteen-feet wide, you're gonna need a bigger monitor.

August 22, 2017

case-studies gym-heavy-duty-grilles
When the community of North Ogden, Utah, was renovating the athletic facilities in the local junior high school, the plans included a tall order.

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Custom Built Circular Grate

Consider It A Custom-Built Seven-Foot Firewall

Security grates at the new UCCS National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs

July 15, 2017

case-studies security-grds-grates
While most manufacturers are limited to a maximum size of 30" x 30", KEES can design and build security grilles and grates on a much grander scale.

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Stainless Steel Drop Box Diffusers

When You Pack This Many Beans, You Gotta Move A Lot Of Air.

We supplied drop boxes for a one-million square-foot food processing facility.

May 8, 2017

case-studies drop-box-diffuser
Not to toot our own horn, but when the largest canner of US-grown organic beans built its new, one-million square-foot processing facility, it turned to KEES to provide more than 50 stainless steel drop boxes required to help ventilate such an enormous space.

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Perforated Linear Bar Grilles

Presenting 1,278 Linear Inches Of Perforation Perfection

Custom stamped grilles: enrollment center, mesa community college

January 12, 2017

case-studies architectural-bar-grilles
The new 17,000-square foot Enrollment Center at Mesa Community College in Arizona is the proud owner of 1,278 linear inches of perforated grilles manufactured by KEES.

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