When a global athletic-wear icon needed an impressive architectural design element with functional capabilities, KEES stepped into the lineup ready to play.

Nike partnered with KEES to create dramatic, functional installations for multiple buildings at the Nike World Headquarters campus in Beaverton, Oregon. The project required 16.5 miles of aluminum bars to create the grilles for lobbies and common areas—places where first impressions matter.

Just like Nike, KEES combined form and function for this prestigious project, using large, multi-section linear bar grilles to run the length of long walls. All told, 3,185 square feet of grilles went into installations throughout the buildings to help provide clean, even air distribution.

Nike was so pleased with the results, they placed orders for KEES architectural linear bar grilles on several subsequent projects, proving once again that KEES is a reliable MVP for any project.


The architectural plans for this project specified an eye-catching design element that would make a powerful statement and provide high indoor air quality throughout multiple buildings. Within a week of being invited to submit a sample, the KEES team created manufacturing drawings and built the customized piece. The sample showcased a beautiful appearance and solid durability—epitomizing the form and function for which Nike is famous.

With the design bid accepted, KEES cut 14,400 aluminum bars (60 for each of the 240 sections), each cut within a thousandth of an inch of the required length. The bars were then assembled and welded upside down on a perfectly flat face. This ensured flawless visible surfaces and perfectly aligned sections to create seemingly endless grilles. Hidden fasteners provided the final design element making the linear bar grilles appear to float within the wall. The resulting installations by KEES are a perfect match for Nike’s innovative, high-tech aesthetic.

KEES Creating first impressions that uphold client reputations
KEES manufactured bar grilles like this to create beautiful, functional installations for lobbies and common areas at the Nike World Headquarters campus. In total, the customized project required nearly 3,200 square feet of grilles to make an impactful impression and ensure clean, comfortable air distribution.


With decades of engineering and design experience, we pride ourselves on making every vision a reality. Our architectural bar grilles provide comfortable air distribution in any space with a distinctive, customized look, precise fit and durable construction. We have the capacity to create numerous shapes for creative design flexibility and precise, incremental sizing down to one thousandth of an inch for a flawless fit. Additionally, we offer the largest single-piece solution in the industry to reduce installation time and expense, plus, our all-welded construction provides maximum strength for lasting value.

Like the Nike project and others, our quick, creative design solutions are why customers rely on us for their most critical jobs. We understand that plans and designs can change quickly, but our skillful craftspeople and flexible production environment allow us to respond instantaneously to each customer’s needs.


Grille Shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Curved
  • Round
  • Custom, including triangular
  • Mitered corner
  • Angled


  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass


  • Painted – standard and custom colors
  • Anodized
  • Oxidized
  • Satin polish


  • Single piece up to 96" x 48" (the largest in the industry)
  • Combine multiple sections for unlimited sizing

Bar Width & Configuration:

  • 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" wide bars on various centers
  • 0- or 15-degree blade deflection

Frame & Mounting Options:

  • Flanged
  • Straight
  • Face mount
  • Concealed mount

Additional Options:

  • Reduced depth for shallow applications
  • Stainless steel wire grating for special floor applications