As a leader in manufacturing custom HVAC and architectural solutions, KEES is repeatedly selected for notable projects across the United States. From restoring historic museums to expanding manufacturing facilities, KEES is the trusted choice for high-quality, tailored products. Let's take a closer look at some recent projects:

Churchill Downs Racetrack: 

Adding Elegance to Tradition

Churchill Downs Racetrack recently completed a major renovation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby. As part of the updates, KEES was brought in to enhance the ambiance of this historic venue. Providing eight decorative grilles in the “Casablanca” pattern, KEES added both style and functionality to the Triple Crown Room in the Jockey Club Suites. These sophisticated grilles promise to enhance the celebratory atmosphere of this iconic event and provide lasting style and durability for years to come.

Frick Art Collection: 

Upgrading Sculpture Room Capability

Situated in Manhattan's Upper East Side, the Frick Collection is known for its distinguished Old Master paintings and European sculptures. Currently undergoing its first major renovation since 1935, the Frick turned to KEES for an important part of its restoration efforts. Working closely with the museum, KEES crafted a special brazing station for the sculpture creation room. This station, featuring a slotted backshelf hood and a specialized fire brick grid tabletop, will facilitate meticulous sculpture work and underscore KEES' dedication to meeting each client's unique needs.

PepsiCo Manufacturing: 

Enabling Efficient Expansion

PepsiCo is significantly expanding its production capabilities in Georgia. Partnering with KEES, they sought a solution to improve air distribution in one of the largest manufacturing facilities in their portfolio. Recognizing an opportunity for innovation, KEES introduced its six-sided drop box diffusers, surpassing competitors with their design and performance. These diffusers feature double-wall construction and hexagonal drain pans, ensuring optimal air distribution as PepsiCo expands and ramps up production.

DREAM Charter School: 

Providing Strength in high-impact area

In New York City, DREAM Charter School is making a big difference for at-risk youth. Situated on what was once deemed the "worst block in NYC" by The New York Times, DREAM Charter School stands as a beacon of hope and transformation in the community.

When outfitting the school's gymnasium, KEES delivered twelve heavy-duty bar grilles designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of basketballs, volleyballs and more. These grilles were specially designed with no visible screw holes for concealed mounting, and provide maximum strength and durability for the high-impact area. With a focus on functionality and longevity, KEES' grilles ensure optimal air circulation in a demanding environment.

In each of these projects, KEES has shown its dedication to product quality, customization, and innovation. From prestigious museums to community-focused schools, KEES remains the trusted partner for those seeking top-quality solutions. With a proven track record of delivering custom solutions tailored to each project's unique needs, KEES is proud to help shape the landscapes of tomorrow.