At KEES, our commitment to American manufacturing runs deep. For nearly 50 years, we have proudly produced all HVAC and architectural sheet metal products in Elkhart Lake, WI. Our roots are grounded in old-world craftsmanship and a meticulous Midwestern work ethic, ensuring every product we create meets the highest standards of quality.

We take pride in sourcing all our metals domestically, adhering strictly to the principles of the Build America Buy America Act. This dedication ensures that our products not only support local industries but also maintain the superior quality and reliability our customers have come to expect.

Our workforce embodies this commitment to excellence. As a proud union shop, we work with the Sheet Metal Workers (SMART) to uphold these rigorous standards.

Bob Norman, President of KEES, highlights the importance of our American-made mission: "Our dedication to domestic production supports local economies and guarantees the exceptional quality of our products. We believe in the strength and value of American manufacturing for both our customers and the nation."

KEES remains steadfast in championing American craftsmanship. With nearly five decades of experience, we continue to deliver high-quality, American-made products, ensuring excellence in every piece we produce.