There’s a lot on the line when it comes to pharmaceutical research and development. The amount of money that companies like Pfizer invest in new product development and production is enough to make your jaw drop. That’s why all the materials used in their clean rooms need to be the right size, arrive when they are needed to keep on schedule, and above all, perform to the highest standards. When Pfizer Inc. needed all these things for a large facility in Massachusetts -- without compromise -- they turned to KEES.


Pfizer needed a lot, and fast. The schedule required two-hundred and nineteen (219) custom-sized perforated return air registers with fifty of them needed in ten business days. All of them had to be made from type 316 stainless steel to ensure their clean rooms met strict research and development requirements and could remain pristine for the life of the facility.


We were able to engineer and manufacture the products accurately and quickly -- meeting the customer’s sizing requirements and timeline at all steps of the project. Time and time again, customers come back to us for their stainless steel HVAC needs because of our reputation for quality and precision, broad product offerings, flexible sizing and fast lead times.

In addition to the perforated return air registers we made for Pfizer, our stainless steel grille and diffuser product offerings include bladed grilles, eggcrate grilles, ceiling diffusers and drum louvers. Whatever your needs, contact us and we can help make it a reality.


Quality and precision are at the core of what make KEES unique in the marketplace. We work with stainless steel every day, and our level of craftsmanship is unmatched. Get your hands on one of our products and inspect it. Here are a handful of things you’ll notice:

  • Meticulously welded with just the right amount of heat applied to limit material distortion
  • Properly passivized/cleaned welds minimize discoloration to keep the stainless steel looking great while maintaining chemical resistance characteristics
  • Expertly crafted to avoid scratches/mars on the surface, keeping it as beautiful as possible for the end application
  • Consistently formed and fabricated made possible by our deep understanding of the mechanical properties of stainless steel
  • Impeccably clean materials by using dedicated tooling and machinery to avoid contamination that could result in rust or compromise material integrity
  • Carefully polished for a beautiful presentation and to eliminate any imperfections where contaminants may accumulate