If you are looking for an air-distribution solution for large, open building spaces, look no further. The new KEES six-sided drop box diffuser provides efficient, even air distribution and consistent temperatures for big-box retail stores, production facilities, distribution centers, sports arenas and other large structures.

The design of these diffusers is very flexible. We offer the largest CFM range in the industry with a wide range of standard sizes and optional custom sizing. They are available with adjustable grilles or drum louvers, single or double-wall housings and galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction. Finally, we are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a six-sided drain pan to pair with the diffuser.


  • Minimize dead zones. Six points of air distribution provide more complete coverage than traditional three-way and four-way drop box diffusers.
  • Adjustability. Six adjustable grilles or drum louvers can be individually adjusted to direct the airflow where it is needed most. This allows for greater flexibility and customization of the air pattern.
  • Maximize the efficiency. KEES is the only manufacturer to offer a six-sided drain pan. It matches the shape of the drop box which mitigates any interference with the air flow pattern unlike a traditional rectangular drain pan which wouldn’t match the shape of the drop box.


  • Versatility. Enjoy complete design flexibility with multiple throw patterns, drum louvers or bladed grilles and numerous insulation and drain pan options.
  • Adaptability. Choose from an extensive range of standard sizes or customized dimensions to meet any performance or clearance requirement.
  • Durability. Made-to-last construction withstands harsh or wet environments with these options; stainless steel construction, continuously welded seams and double-wall housing.
  • Quick solutions. Access BIM/REVIT files anytime, anywhere for incorporation into your plans.

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