We know your schedule can be pretty hectic, filled with phone calls, meetings, administrative tasks and travel. KEES is committed to making your work easier by providing exceptional customer service through its team of sales engineers.

Contact a KEES sales engineer through sales@kees.com to quickly and efficiently get all the information you need including quotes, lead times, ship dates, freight tracking, O&M manuals and warranty documents. The inbox is constantly monitored to ensure a prompt response—within 24 hours or even sooner for time-critical issues. 

“We’re here to serve you. Use sales@kees.com to get the support you need and get it fast.” - Steve Tanski Outside Sales Manager

Best of all, our customers are connected with an actual engineer (not a chatbot), who has the professional expertise and experience to tackle even the most technical questions.

KEES is committed to supporting customers by providing thorough, timely answers and solutions through its email contact service. Contact a KEES sales engineer today at sales@kees.com or use our Contact Us form.