At KEES, we believe in continuous improvement. Good enough is simply not good enough. Our latest manufacturing improvement involves the installation of a new fiber laser machine. This highly nimble machine will allow us to cut parts even faster — without the need for tooling. It will also enable us to cut longer, wider and thicker pieces of material with exacting precision down to one thousandth of an inch. This means larger single-piece solutions.

These enhanced capabilities will help us continue to deliver the highest quality standard and custom products at the speed you expect (and need) in today’s competitive marketplace.

We invite you to peek inside the KEES facility for a time-lapse video of this exciting project.

Fun fact: Our new fiber laser machine covers about 3,800 square feet of our manufacturing space and reaches all the way to the ceiling (17 ft). It’s a big footprint — but still just a fraction of our 100,000 square foot facility. Interested to learn more? Contact us today.